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This page has the slides of the courses "Combinatorial Optimisation
and Constraint Programming [COCP]" (10 ECTS credits, code 1DL441) and
"Modelling for Combinatorial Optimisation [M4CO]" (5 ECTS credits,
code 1DL451) by Prof. Pierre Flener at Uppsala University in Sweden.
The course is held every autumn semester.

--- The courses are being completely reorganised for autumn 2018, but
--- the slides of the last runs of the courses are temporarily
--- provided for reference.

The first half of the COCP course is the M4CO course and comprises the
first 11 topics: we use the MiniZinc language and toolchain
( in order to model various problems and run
the models under solvers of various technologies (CP, SAT, SMT, MIP,
local search, and hybrids thereof).

The second half of the COCP course comprises the last 7 topics: we
study the algorithms for a solver of constraint programming (CP)
technology and use the Gecode C++ library ( for
the assignments.

If you are an instructor and would like to use the LaTeX source of
these slides, then contact me (; under
additional conditions, I can also give you the source code of
assignment questions.