Modeling and Simulation of Coating Processes in Automotive Industry

Fredrik Edelvik
Fraunhofer Chalmers Research Institute Industrial Mathematics


The paint and surface treatment processes in automotive paint shops are characterized by multi-phase and free surface flows, multi-physics, multi-scale phenomena, and large moving geometries. This poses great challenges for mathematical modeling and simulation. In this talk we will present activities in a joint project with Swedish automotive industry aimed at developing novel mathematically based simulation software for paint and surface treatment processes. Particular emphasis will be given to the Navier-Stokes solver, which is based on a finite volume discretization on a Cartesian octree grid that can be dynamically refined and coarsened. Unique immersed boundary methods are used to model the presence of objects in the fluid. This enables modeling of moving objects at virtually no additional computational cost, and greatly simplifies preprocessing by avoiding the cumbersome generation of a body conforming mesh. Simulation results from coating processes as well as other industrial applications will be presented during the talk.