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Datakommunikation II
Course description
Informationsteknologi : Datakommunikation II

Graduate Course - Computer Communication

March - May 2002

Course description

This graduate course is offered as a variant of the D-level course Datakommunikation II given at the IT-program. The graduate course consists of the lecture part of Datakommunikation II, a research paper, a presentation and an opposition in a set of seminars.

Each graduate student shall write a paper of about 10-12 pages in the cross section between his/her research area and computer communication. The student will be individually advised by Per Gunningberg with possible discussions with his/her regular advisor.

The paper will be presented in a seminar with other graduate students. An opponent will be assigned to each paper.

The course starts 25 March, kl 15:15, room P2247.

The regular course web page can be found here. The lectures will be held in Swedish although all presentation material will be in english. The grad student will take the regular exam.

Graduate study points: 4


Per Gunningberg


  • The course starts March 25,
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