Computer Networks II, Spring 2001, Topics for Term Papers

Bandwidth brokers  
Three Operating Systems for data communications  
Key handling in very large secure open groups  
Proxy architectures  
Hierarchical WEB caching strategies  
Models for electronic money  
DTM - used in Dynarc and Netinsights products  
Comparison of TCP Vegas and TCP Tahoe  
Access networks: ADSL, xDSL, and LMDS  
Low earth orbit (LEO) satellite architecture  
Active networks: node OS architecture  
Active networks: security  
Active networks: languages  
Piconet: very small radio cells  
Formal methods for protocol specification  
Wavelength multiplexing  
Piconet and scatternet  
Self configuring networks  
Reliable multicast protocols  
Comparison of packet filters  
Interactive distributed games  
Front-ends to large webservers  
Different technologies for home networks  
Payments systems on the Internet  
Charging and billing the Internet  
Comparing two firewall architectures  
Status of IPv6, migration difficulties  
Fast Routers  
Active badges  
Wearable networks  
Ubiquitious computing and networking  
Infrared communications  
Location awareness in mobile communications  
Optical switches  
Gigabit ethernet und other gigabit technologies  
Differentiated services  
Tag switching and routing  
Security for mobile IP  
Flexible protocol stacks  
TCP SACK, Fast Reno and other new TCPs  
Virtual Private Networks  
Fractal Traffic Models  
Call Admission algorithms  
I-mode compared to WAP  
Techniques for energy reduction in thin clients  
Broadband to the home - tradeoffs  
Jini - look-up services  
Denial of Service attacks and prevention  
Comparison between SSL and IPSEC  
Next generation HTTP - what is ongoing?  
Telia Home Run and other hot spot access technologies
Large scale mirroring - Akamai network
The real audio protocol
RLAN - Bluetooth vs IEEE 802.11b
Terabeam - claims cheap home broadband access.  

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