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Date 11.11.2000  


LDAP backend integration of DIAMETER server



The Company


ipUnplugged AB




121 28 Stockholm

Description of the Company:

ipUnplugged is a company developing IP mobility products for the mobile business community. Our Mobile Service Routers, client software and service management systems form a secure Mobile VPN system that allows business users to roam transparently beyond the confines of private networks. As part of this effort, ipUnplugged would like to conduct research in the area of LDAP directory management of DIAMETER authentication data

Industry of Company:

Telecommunications/Online (Software/Service)

Number of Internships:



The Diploma Thesis

Category of Diploma Thesis:

·  Science/Technology

Field of Study of the Applicant:

·  Computer science

Description of the Topic:

DIAMETER is the Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) protocol that will take over after RADIUS. As with RADIUS,

the usage of LDAP as the storage for authentication data has great promise. The following master thesis shall take an existing DIAMETER implementation and open it up for storing the user data in an LDAP server. The master thesis will bring knowledge in the area of DIAMETER and DMTF schemas as well as practical implementation experience of implementing the proposed schema into Netscape's LDAP server.

Required Skills:


Required Language Skills
for the Diploma Thesis:

·  English

Start Date:



3 months

Student has to be in the office (hours per week):

not necessary


not specified/negotiable

Additional Information:





The Application


ipUnplugged AB
Contact person:Mr. Jan Forslöw
Box 101 60, Arenavägen 33, 4th floor
121 28 Stockholm
Phone: 08-725 5912

Please apply by:

E-Mail: jan@ipunplugged.com