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My name is Noomene Ben Henda and I'm a Tunisian citizen. I graduated as a master in engineering from the polytechnic School of Tunisia in 2002.

Presently, I'm a Phd student in the algorithmic program verification group. My supervisor is Professor Parosh Aziz Abdulla. My co-supervisors are (previously) Professor Bengt Jonsson and (now) Richard Mayr from North Carolina State University.


In my research, I'm focusing mainly on two topics:

Infinite-state Stochastic Systems: We study quantitative and qualitative problems in infinite-state stochastic systems induced by probabilistic systems such as Probabilistic Lossy Channel Systems (PLCS), Probabilistic Vector Addition Systems with States (PVASS) and Noisy Turing Machines (NTM).

My work within this field is carried out in collaboration with Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Richard Mayr and Sven Sandberg.

For further details, checkout this page.

Parameterized Systems: These are systems induced by a finite number of identical finite-state processes arranged in a linear topology. The goal is to model check the system regardless of the number of processes.

My coworkers along this field are: Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Giorgio Delzanno and Ahmed Rezine.

More details on the subject are included here.

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Noomene Ben Henda

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