Milena Gateva Ivanova*

In November 2005 I completed my Ph.D. studies at Uppsala DataBase Laboratory, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, Sweden, under the supervision of Prof. Tore Risch.
I defended my thesis "Scalable Scientific Stream Query Processing" on the 7th of November 2005. My opponent was Prof. Elke Rundensteiner from the Computer Science Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA.
You can have a look at the thesis presentation and how a public defence looks like in Sweden.

This page describes my work as a PhD student. Currently, I am a researcher at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


This project is a part of LOIS project in cooperation with Swedish Institute of Space Physics. LOIS project is the LOFAR Outrigger in Scandinavia. The purpose of LOFAR is to develop and build distributed software space telescope and radar utilizing the GRID. Extremely large raw data streams are produced by sensor networks receiving signals from space. Various numerical selection and transformation algorithms are applied on these streams before the data to be delivered to the client workstations for visualization and further analysis in form of streams with rates of several gigabits per second.

We are developing a prototype of an extensible stream database manager system for scientific applications, called GSDM (GRID Stream Data Manager). Users analyze streams of numerical data to detect interesting events by specifying high-level continuous queries containing computationally expensive user-defined functions. The system provides also tools for specification of user-defined stream partitioning strategies to achieve scalable execution through partitioned parallelism. The prototype is intended to utilize the evolving GRID infrastructure for distributed computations on large data streams. More details about the design, implementation and evaluation of GSDM system are presented in the thesis.