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I'm a former Ph D student in the CoRe research group at the Department of Computer Systems, Uppsala University. My advisors were Per Gunningberg and Mats Björkman. For those interested, my Ph D thesis can be found here.

After my PhD I worked at Mälardalen University, Dept of Computer Science and Engineering and the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI). Then I joined Ericsson Research and eventually moved on to Cisco Systems.

My research interests include (but are not limited to) network performance issues, measurement techniques and traffic modelling in wired and wireless networks. Then came the Cloud...

Oh, the picture? No, I normally don't wear suit and tie.


Course involvement Fall 2003:
 Datakommunikation, EIP

Course involvement Spring 2003:
 Datakommunikation, MNP  Datakommunikation, DVP

Course involvement Spring 2000:
 Datakommunikation, MNP

Course involvement Fall 99:
 Datorsystem II (del 1), ITP  Datakommunikation, TFP

Course involvement Fall 98:
Datakommunikation, TFP  Datorsystem II (del 1), ITP  Datorsystem, DVP

Course involvement Spring 98:
 Datakommunikation, MNP  Datakommunikation II, ITP

Course involvement Fall 97:
Datakommunikation, DVP

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