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May 20 Changed today's visiting hours to 17.00-17.30 due to change of schedule.
May 7 Therese's office hours are now listed here.
April 4 I will be away May 10-19. During this time, Therese Berg (also in 1110) will help you with programming. I will also help via e-mail. More about Therese's office hours later.
April 4 Tips about changing classpath updated.
March 20 Note the changes in schedule; new lab halls!
March 18 A soft deadline for lab 1 is March 27. Then we have a lab session intended for lab 2; so you should be done with lab 1!
March 17 During week 12 and 13, i.e. March 17-28, I will be in room 1346, due to kylbaffelinstallationer etc. Visit me there!
March 4 Online!


Office hours


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