Spring in Uppsala

Another reason to be in Uppsala, Sweden

Spring comes to Uppsala at 3pm on April 30th

The schedule for people who wants to greet the spring in the right way is hectic. It starts with Champagne breakfast (or a porridge version for those who prefer that :-). Then at 10 the boat race on Fyris river starts. About 100 home made boats of various size, floating capacity and ingenuity sails down the river and passes two water falls.

It might be a bit chilly, so a hearring lunch with snaps is a well come relief to many. Strenghtend by this it is time to gather in front of the university library with the graduation (high-school) in hand. The headmaster then steps out on the balcony and at three o'clock he raises his hat and waves to welcome the spring and so does all the rest. This done it is time to run down the hill and get to a student nation and later in the evening intense parties are held.

Not all, but some, are at 9pm ready to hear "Gunilla-klockan" ring and some speach and singing around the castle. Others still gather around some May-fire, where similar things happen.

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