Programmeringsteknik Period 2

The deadline for all assignemnts is as with group A the 29-02-2000

In the following four files there are the results I have for uppgift 1-4 (no 5 to follow).

  1. uppgift 1
  2. uppgift 2
  3. uppgift 3
  4. uppgift 4
  5. uppgift 5

Please check the list before the assignment deadline. If you find a mistake an assignment recorded as a rest when it should be a G please come to me with the cover sheet and I will change the marks. Further if you have handed in your assignment 1-4 and it is not recorded on the list then the assignment might have been lost. The quickest and easiest thing to do would be to resubmit the assignment to me (if this is a problem come and see me). In particular I am missing assignments from Ingrid Ronquist (3), Matilda Kallvi (3) , Lina Ståberg (4) and Ia Pedersen (4).

Assignment 5

There will be an Assigment 5 help session where you can come and see me in my office (1238) , nexth Thursday 17/2 15:15-17:00.

When handing in the laborations you must read the Regler vid redovisning av obligatorisk uppgift You must use a Försättsblad till obligatoriska uppgifter . You can either give me the laborations in the lectures, or give the laborations to the laboration assistants or put them in my mailbox in house 1, 4th floor box 126.

Justin Pearson