Syllabus for Computer Architecture Course

Preliminary results

Go to here for preliminary results these will be finalised in the next week.

Course Text Book: Computer Organization and Design, David L. Patterson and John L.Hennessy. Morgan Kaufman The book as a web page here where you find some of the slides I used as well as other interesting supplementary material.

Some sample questions

  1. All of Chapter 1.
  2. All of Chapter 2. (Except the section on geometric means). M
  3. Chapter 3. Sec. 3.1-3.11
  4. Chapter 4, Sec. 4.1-4.6 and 4.8 pages 275-280.
  5. Chapter 5. Sec 5.1-5.4 and 5.5 is required for the laboration. In this chapter you should understand the design principles behind the implementation, you do not need to memorise all the details.
  6. Chapter 6. 6.1
  7. Chapter 7 7.1,7.2,7.3 and bit of 7.4.
  8. Chapter 8 8.1-8.5. (Except 8.2). If you understand the laboration you're along way along.
  9. Appendix B, B.1,B.2.
Justin Pearson