Testing 2017

All the requirements for 2017 of the course are listed in this document.

All lectures notes etc. are maintained on a GitHub repository. When you find mistakes in the slides feel me to send me a pull request.

Lab Information

This year's (2017) lab instructions.

General Information

Welcome to the testing course.

Lecture Timetable

Please note that the lecture schedule is a very fluid at the moment. I am rewriting the lectures. If in doubt the date and times please consult the time table in student portal..

The slides are being re-written as the course unfolds. I will put the slides up as sson as I can.  
Lecture Date Topics and Link to Slides Reading list
1 31/10 Introduction to the course Introduction to testing Slides Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
2 2/11 Introduction to test driven development Slides Note that instead of printing out the slides you can print out darts and toEnglish that contains all the code from the lectures in a more readable format.  
3 7/11 Introduction to coverage. Slides Chapter 5 and 7
4 13/11 More on coverage Slides Chapter 5 and 7
5 24/11 Logic based coverage. Slides Chapter 8
Compulsory Presentation 30/11 Group Presentations  
6 1/12 Input Domain Modelling Slides Chapter 6
7 7/12 Property Based and Model Based Testing (Slides) this is inly a very brief introduction to model based testing. The plan is to use the second half of the lecture to talk about Practical Considerations. Slides and Slides PDF(Chapter 10-13) Chapters 10-13 (Practical considerations) Chapter 14 test oracles
8 11/12 Canceled Chapter 6

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