Lecture plan for Computer Architecture

Links to slides and lecture notes. Please note dates on this are not definitive, please check the Offical timetable for the correct dates.
Lecture Topics and Link to slides.
1 - 22 Jan Introduction to the course Slides
2 - 24 Jan Introduction to the MIPS processor and simple arithmetic Slides
3 - 30 Jan MIPS memory organisation Slides
4 - 1 Feb Making Decisions Slides if we have time we will start on functions stacks and register conventions Slides
5 - 6 Feb Continue the previous lecture on functions stakcs and register conventions and if time odds and ends that I havn't talked about slides
6 - 9 Feb Processor Implementation Slides 1 to a page
7 - 12 Feb Processor Implementation Pipelines Slides one to a page.
8 - 20 Feb I/O Slides 1 to a page.
9 - 1 Mar Caches and Virtual Memory Slides 1 to a page.

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