Datorsystems II del 2

Old Exams

I can't really find any old exams that are suitable, since the course has changed a bit over time. But you could have a look at an old realtime exam and an old distributed system exam (ignore question 3,7,8), you might get some idea.

Extra Notes

These notes are essential reading.


Lecture notes will be included here with links when pdf or ps files are avaliable.
Lecture Topics and Link to Slides(if avalible)
1 Introduction and Registration Slides 2 to a apge
2 Types of Schedules Slides
3 Rate monotonic schedules Slides
4 Priority Inversion Slides
5 Dynamic Schedules Slides
6 Jitter (Slides and 1 to a page) and Realtime Networks (Slides and 1 to a page).
7 Timed Automata Slides 2 to a page
8 Pavel on Timed Automata
9 22/11 Introduction to distributed systems Slides
10 28/11 Arnold on the next part of the course.
11 29/11 RPC, remote objects Slides
12 30/11 Clocks and clock synchronisation Slides
13 Logical time Slides Worth reading.
14 Transactions, concurrency control Slides
15 Lecture Cancelled!!!

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