Distributed Systems Lecture Schedule

This web page has the lecture notes for the courses Distributed Systems and Distributed Systems with Project. Links to the information on labs/assignments and the project will be either through student portalen or via the departments homepage.

I will put up slides as they become available.

Here are some old exams. The course has chanaged a bit, and it changes every year. So you'll have to use your judgment to which questions are relevant. If you are in doubt which questions are relevant for this year then please contact me. There are no answers.

The main text book is

The following book is also good. In some ways it is better, but it is more technical/mathematical than the course textbook.

Reading list

The reading list is on the timetable, please note that the chapter number might not correspond to the chapter numbers in your edition of the book, please use the table of contents.

Schema, Slides, and Reading List

Lecture Date Topics and Link to Slides Reading list (Coulouris et.al.)
1 19/1 Introduction and Registration, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Slides Chapter 5. Remote Objects and Remote Invocation. Slides Chapter 1(Characterisation of Distributed Systems), 2(System Models), and Chapter 5 (Distributed Objects)
2 22/1 Clocks and Clock Synchronisation. Slides Chapter 11 (Time and Global States). 11.1,11.2,11.3,11.4,11.5
3 25/1 Chapter 11. Logical time and Logical Clocks. Section 11.5. Global States Slides Additional Notes on Snapshot These slides might some help As for the last lecture
4 8/2 More on the snapshot from the previous lecture Slides then Chapter 12. Transactions and Concurrency Control. Slides  
5 11/2 Two Phase Commit Slides See also the following IEEE article (you should be able to access it from within Uppsala) Chapter 14 (Distributed Transactions) 14.3
6 18/2 Shared Memory Slides
7 22/2 Chapter 15. Replication. Slides Chapter 15. 15.1-15.3
8 29/2 Coordination and agreement slides Chapter 12
9 8/3 Peer to Peer Slides Slides with animations.  
11/3 exam    

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