Lecture and Timetable Info for Datorarkitektur Mat.Nat. Programmet

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General Information

The couse text book is Structured Computer Organization by Andrew S.Tanenbaum published by Prentice Hall. You will also need supplementary information on the R2000 processor so you can do yor course. In fact the first six lectures will not use the book that much.


The official printed timetable is correct. Please inform me of any differences between the web-version and the printed version.

I don't really like or even understand the need for PDF, so I'll not produce many PDF files. If you require a postscrpt windows there is a good public domain postscript viewer available from here.
1Introduction to the Course4/9 15:15-17:00 1111
2Computer System Organization Sec. 2.1. and introduction to MIPS assembly language (R2000) Slides Postscript pdf these slids will be used in the next couple of lectures. Warning the postscript it quite inefficient and can take a long time to print. 6/9 10:15-12:00 1111
3More on MIPS assembly7/9 15:15-17:00 1111
4Stacks and Strings Exercise sheet exersises sheet in postscript 8/9 13:15-15:00 1111
5More on MIPS. Example MIPS program to calculate the factorial of a number fact.s More slideson stacks, remember this code is not desgined efficient but to be correct w.r.t stack use.12/9 08:15-10:00 1111
6Introduction to Digital Logic. Book section 3.1 Tobias presents laboration 1 Simple example for the SPIM simulator sum.s13/9 15:15-17:00 1111
7The Digital Logic Level Chapter 3 3.1,3.2,3.314/9 10:15-12:00 1311 (obs)
8Representing Numbers A.1-A.5 and every thing you where afraid to ask about floating point numbers but where afraid to ask. Some interesting links on the wierdness of floating point can be found here(B.2) and here or a postscript version here15/9 13:15-15:00 1111
9The Microarchitecture and Processor organisation 2.1 Level 4.1-4.219/9 15:15-17:00 1111
10Microcode 4.3 20/9 10:15-12:00 1111
11Pipelines doing more than one thing at the same time. 22/9 13:15-15:00 1111
12More on pipelines 4.5.3, some material on the R2000 pipeline. 25/9 15:15-17:00 1111
13I/O 2.4,3.6 and 3.726/9 No Lecture 1111
14More on I/O the SPIM I/O system additional material to follow 27/9 10:15-12:00 1111
15Revision on Microcode and introduction to Laboration 228/9 10:15-12:00 Slides 1111
16Erik Hagersten Talks about Caches Slides3/10 13:15-15:00 1111
17Erik Hagersten Talks about Virtual Memory4/10 10:15-12:00 1111
18No Lecture5/10 10:15-12:00 1111
19Guest lecture on Tramsmeta's Cursoe Chip followed by revision session 6/10 13:15-15:00 1111
20Revision10/10 15:15-17:00 1111

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