Research Information about Justin Pearson

My current research is mainly concerned with Constraint Satisfaction. I am currently studying symmetry in constraint satisfaction as well as CSP techniques applied to local search. In the past I have worked on Model checking and Neural Networks.

Unrefereed Publications

These are either preprints or technical reports that are extended versions of published work, or things that I don't intend to publish that might be interesting.

Constraint satisfaction and its applications

Timed Automata and Clock Decision Diagrams

CSP and Temporal Logic.

I worked on the combination of temporal logic and timed CSP with Jeremy Bryans at the Universtiy of Kent. A work in progress document can be found here as well as a published paper which I don't have the postscript source for copies can be sent on request.

Neural Networks and Clifford Algebras


I once worked at part of the DATUM project as part of the formal methods group at Royal Holloway. I did some work on traceability in the context of formal software development, technical report

Justin Pearson
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