Please have a look here. Briefly, Xiangqi is the chinese variant of chess. It is as complex as western chess, but still easy to learn if you know 'usual' chess.


human vs human game via internet done
human vs computer done
computer vs computer done
spectators partially done
current GUI: text and OpenGL done
game saving and loading done
game visualisation
game editing


View from the top
View from the reds
View from the blacks


2001/11/06 Release 0.62-3. Compile fix in idle.C
2001/12/02 Release 0.62-2. Blue pieces were inverted along the X axis.
2001/11/06 Release 0.62-1. Fixes a sign error in ai.C.
2001/06/07 Release 0.62. Fixes a compilation issue.
2001/05/08 I am not planning to continue the development in the short term.
2000/12/07 Release 0.61. Bad news: all-in-one client broken
Good news: AI improvement by adding a hash table containing the set of previously encountered positions. It should reduce the size of the search tree.
The actual result is that is speeds up the search by a factor of two for a depth limit of 4, and by a factor of 5 for a depth of 5 (for the opening move).
2000/10/23 Release 0.6 featuring a all-in-one client (no need to start a server, an AI and a client).
2000/06/26 Ooops ! The version I put on line did not seem to compile well. Sorry for those who downloaded it. I replaced it by a corrected version today.
2000/06/22 Version 0.5 released. Includes a learning AI. It is still quite stupid, but the first results are quite good.
2000/05/24 I have not been idle for one month. First version of a learning AI is running. It is not a stable version (it may not even compile at first). The AI is not trained, and many bugs have been added.
This work is part of my studies, and Nicolas Riousset has been working on this code with me.
This version will be released soon (I still have a few headers to fix)
2000/04/26 Version 0.45. Iterative deeepening: AI can think for a fixed amount of time, and then play when this amount is elapsed.
2000/04/12 Version 0.43. AI is back and running
2000/04/10 The OpenGL user interface is running. The AI code is broken again (I was working on it before coding the OpenGL GUI).
I released this code (version 0.42). If you want to play against the computer, please use the AI from previous version (0.41).