FAQ for html2ps

When opening the PS file in ghostview, or gv; why doesn't the column with page numbers appear, that allows me to jump directly to a specific page?
You must generate PostScript that is DSC compliant for this to work – html2ps can do this if you have Ghostscript installed.
Why can't the PS file be used together with PostScript filter programs such as psnup, psbook etc?
See the previous question.
Why is the text sometimes printed in a very small, sometimes even illegible, font size?
This often happens when HTML tables are used for layout purposes. Rendering tables well is a non-trivial task. For "real" tables, that is representation of tabular data, html2ps usually generates reasonably good output. When tables are used for layout purposes, the result varies from good to useless. This is because a table cell is never broken across pages. So if a table contains a cell with a lot of content, the entire table may have to be scaled down in size in order to make this cell fit on a single page. Sometimes this may even result in unreadable output.
So you have written an HTML to PostScript converter. But how about the other way around: PostScript to HTML?
A general PostScript to HTML converter is in principle impossible, since PostScript is a page layout language, and HTML is a language for marking up the logical structure of a text. There do exist a few converters, however. I have not used any of them myself, but I believe they convert PS files generated by certain programs. If it is okay just to go from PostScript to plain text, this can be done using Ghostscript. There is a script ps2ascii included in the distribution, at least in the Unix version, that does this.
Jan Kärrman