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This is a distance-between-cities calculation tool.

The interface is the 'distance' script:

    $ distance 'Easter Island' Santiago
    Easter Island -> Santiago: 3758.04 km

    $ distance Tokyo Paris
    Tokyo -> Paris: 9706.70 km

The 'loc'  script is  what fetches the  locations from
Wikipedia. (Yes: both scripts must be made executable,
and you need internet access.)

The  distance.el is  the Elisp  program that  does the
job: it uses the geometry  Haversine formula to do the
calculation. (So yes, you need  Emacs. By the way, the
word "geometry" sure nailed it this time :)

This method is based on the assumption that Earth is a
sphere, which of course it  is, but not completely so:
of course,  nothing in nature  is perfect in  the math
sense.  Still, the  results  are so  good compared  to
those found in books so  one would think Earth for all
practical purposes is spherical enough!

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