UNIX history and its file system

Wed, 02 Mar 2016 05:26:46 +0100

Development on UNIX in particular started in 1969.

The first manual was published internally in 1971.
But the by-now famous man pages aren't like the manual
you get when you buy a decibel meter at Crooks"R"Us.
It is as much a definition and specification of the
system as a documentation thereof.

UNIX was officially announced in 1973.

The Unix file system is based on inodes to contain
file attributes, which lend itself to elaborate file
systems, including nested directory hierarchies...

The manual, the man pages, (not) coincidentally, are
not stored in a single file -

    ls /usr/share/man

- but are a bunch of (g)roff files which are displayed
by a pager, a precursor to the system of PDFs out of
(La)TeX, as well as the web browsers that does the
same with HTML and CSS to display web pages.

The whole UNIX, by now GNU/Linux toolchain, is also
based on operations on text, which is stored in files.

If everything that was associated by purpose or form
would be in single files [as Rmail does with RMAIL],
one could virtually throw away three quarters of the
tools as they would be totally hampered anyway.

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