planning, Kon-Tiki, and the Communist system

Sat, 13 Aug 2016 23:46:59 +0200

> Not to demean Thor, but the fact that it has
> been proved possible for man to travel to the
> moon and return doesn't prove that mankind
> originated on the moon.

The Kon-Tiki expedition didn't prove anything
except that the journey was possible.

It probably had many other good side-effects
tho. Reading about such thing as a child or
youth and you'll be a man of action and
a positive person (sometimes).

The world in 1947 probably needed this kind of
stuff even more!

> Planning is not necessarily drawing boxes on
> whiteboards. In fact a lot of planning is
> probably just thinking about things, and how
> you are going to do them.

OK, when you put it that way, I'm all for
planning :)

> I can only say that I knew some IBM people
> who were building and installing a computer
> system, hardware and software, for a large
> bank here. They told me that they would
> expect to spend as long as a year verifying
> the software.

If someone pays me, I'm very happy to do that
with my software as well :) As no one is,
I rather spend that year writing new software
and fixing the occasional bug in the old stuff
as it turns up.

> The problem with all political systems is
> that they don't account for the human factor.
> The Communist theory, "from all according to
> their ability and to all according to their
> needs" is a perfectly logical social policy.
> But, as far as I know it has never worked.

The problem with the Communist system in
particular is that it advances people that are
careful, gets along with everyone and never
does anything without a stamp from the bureau
above. This much unlike the ruthless, dynamic
altruists that carried out the revolution...

Sometimes the Communist system works like the
Sputnik and Gagarin stuff but most often such
things require guys like Heyerdahl who did his
thing despite everyone telling him not to
do it.

> The unfortunate thing is, that in spite of
> all the talk about income inequality and the
> other examples of how unjust the social
> systems are, the real reason the some people
> win and some people lose isn't , at least in
> most cases, who their daddy was, it is
> whether they got up and did things.

100% correct.

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