Usenet, the number one resource anyone could ask for

Fri, 08 Apr 2016 23:42:53 +0200

> "whatever newspapers write about" is generally more
> interesting that antique usenet chatter from 1995.

Perhaps Jon Krakauer is but take a random pick and it
is 50/50.

Have a look below. I found a list [1] from which
I yanked those entries I felt were the most
interesting. I also wrote some comments [like this].

No journalist should resign this immense treasure of
information - facts, attitudes, disputes, the whole
scene exactly as it was, and can never be
reconstructed at any public library decades later, no
matter the efforts. (Which are unnecessary as again,
it is already archived!)

  1981       June  A logical map of still-small Usenet

          October  TCP/IP Digest #1

  1982      March  First mention of MTV
                   [Jenny McCarthy, Sandy Hill Pittman
                   - good :))]

            April  ditto Sun Microsystems
                   [They did neat commercial UNIXes,
                   e.g. SunOS, but also hideous Java.]

             July  ditto the compact disc (CD)
                   [Paved the way for all worthless
                   cinematic games but also the
                   worthless multimedia worlds where
                   people pretended to learn stuff.
                   And the CD-ROM porn boom which at
                   least never claimed it was anything
                   but worthless...]

           August  ditto C64
                   [The C64 demo scene in Europe -
                   nothing short of fantastic!
                   Dream on, yankies, and do your
                   network-hacking thing...]

           August ditto Lisa and the Mac [Together
                   with the IBM PC, this meant
                   a long-lasting *huge* setback for
                   the distributed mainframe and the
                   whole associated CLI/batch/"DP"
                   model of computing (in favor of the
                   one-million times accursed desktop)
                   *Sob!* But were are back! :)
         November  Early reference to emoticons
         December  First cell phone deployment in Chicago

  1983  September  Stallman's announcement of GNU
                   [The GNU/Linux/X distros and the
                   whole FOSS culture down the line.
                   Yeah, good year, 1983.]

  1984     August  First mention of the Commodore Amiga
                   [Geeks are still not getting any
                   girlfriends, the manufacturer

  1987    January  Announcement of UUNET
                   [Which was to be th marvelous
                   USENET and close-to-perfect Gmane
                   further down.]

  1989   February  First mention of Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
                   [The notorious hysteric playground
                   for havoc kids with a tech frenzy
                   that is only equaled by their
                   immaturity and
                   inferiority feelings...]

  1991     August  Tim Berners-Lee's announcement of the WWW
          October  Linus Torvalds' Linux announcement
                   [Both those - no comments :)]

  1994    January  Instance of first mass spamming
            April  Instance of first commercial mass spamming
                   [I include this to show that not
                   only "superstar news" (i.e.,
                   discussion topics) were present.
                   Even so, interesting for anti-spam
                   people today, I'd recon!]


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