my 'buc' GUI/CLI interface

Sat, 14 May 2016 06:24:10 +0200

Check out my 'buc' module! (I don't remember why
I called it that.)

It is actually brilliant. You have a bunch of
options: A, B, ... N.

Then you have keys on your keyboard: RET, SPC, TAB,
DEL, that are close and fast and singular.

So there is an association between the options, and
the keys!

But the genius of it is, if you don't care for any
of the options displayed and shortcutted, just type!
Any other char will take away the whole "buc prompt"
and instead appear as the first char in the input
string, i.e., an arbitrary string is still inputable!

Also, I added a function so that it works like
a cache, with the most recently selected option
always being the leftmost (RET), and then sorted
rightways... It is an open question if this really is
beneficial - it can be frustrating as well, if the
keys keep moving around! It should at least
be disableable.

A screenshot:

The source:

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