Fri, 03 Jun 2016 03:21:31 +0200

>> Is it ok to copy over .emacs.d from one
>> machine to another (assume similar OS)? I am
>> specifically thinking of packages and elpa
>> directory -- is there some kind of
>> fingerprinting or is it legitimate? Context:
>> I'd like to setup one minimal box for my
>> students and then they can copy over
>> .emacs.d from there to their laptops
> An example of a package that might not
> transfer is pdf-tools, as it has
> a compiled binary.

This sounds almost as the beginning of not
Emacs forks, but distributions!

Just think about it - people can use the exact
same software, only add a couple of packages on
top, rebrand the whole thing, and then there
can be forks/redistributions of that
distribution, and so on, and it can all be
hailed as software multitude and proliferation!

Now, if computer science students can't be
trusted to install a bunch of packages from
ELPA, we should all give up, and put the
Russian ten thousand ton atomic submarines to
nuke the entire good-for-nothing university
world from the face of the earth. Only perhaps
we should keep LaTeX...

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