Hopkins vs. Kovalev

Mon, 21 Mar 2016 03:06:33 +0100

> I see this bout going one of two ways.
> Either Hopkins gets his defense into high gear and
> jabs and moves and ekes out a decision over Kovalev
> or Kovalev is able to catch Bernard and brutalize
> him which could be dangerous for Hopkins.

That sounds like conventional wisdom.

I agree, but I don't rule out (and maybe you don't
either) that Kovalev wins on the scorecards.

With age, your chin doesn't get worse, really. It is
your reflexes that do, so when you roll with the
punches or slips, turns, or whatever just one inch to
take the sting out of a punch - when you are unable to
do this, you take the full power and get KO'd.

Hopkins has been defying father time for many fights
by now, but he hasn't faced anything close to Kovalev
for a long time. Here is his record with the most
recent fight first:

Beibut Shumenov - far too unschooled (and couldn't
afford a cornerman)

Karo Murat - not good enough for several reasons

Tavoris Cloud - very stiff and bulky, and easy to hit,
so shouldn't be on this level for his own good

Chad Dawson (twice) - in all essence a good fighter,
only lacking power and perhaps just a bit of
self-confidence and identity as a fighter

Jean Pascal (twice) - very good

Roy Jones Jr. - no comments :)

So Hopkins didn't fight anyone really good since
2012-04-28 (the second Dawson fight). And, without
disrespecting Dawson, he is no Roy Jones Jr., and
Pascal is better as well.

So I actually think this will be a chock to Hopkins
and Kovalev will - according to my crystal boxing ball
- KO him or win one-sided on the scorecards.

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