safty with bikes and ice hockey

Sat, 21 May 2016 17:16:01 +0200

>>> I'm not sure about the ice hockey but
>>> I certainly see folks riding to the market
>>> for the day's food without all that fancy
>>> bicycle stuff.
>> Riding a bike on streets with cars and
>> busses (which is an everyday thing here) is
>> much more dangerous than playing ice hockey
>> on the hobby level.

I have crashed seven times what I can remember,
not including many times as kid that I don't
remember specifically.

I only hit my head one of those times, but then
I'm confident the helmet helped me as there
were marks on it.

I have seen dozens of crashes. Those have
mostly been drunk students when they try to get
off or on their bikes, or having another person
on the luggage carrier.

My mother once rammed her car into a kid
crossing the street on his bike. The kid seemed
to be alright (and he was), but she still
called his mother, terrified, telling the story
she hit her kid with a car. And his mother just
said good, this will teach him not to bike like
an idiot!

At work there is a guy who lost hearing on one
ear after a bike accident (I don't know the

I'll look for stats and be back if I find any,
but I'm confident the way people do
recreational ice hockey once a week while sober
is much safer than riding a bike several times
a day in traffic, sometimes drunk, often
without winter tires in the winter, often
without lights when dark, often with poor bike
care, etc.

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