magazines vs. the Internet

Fri, 20 May 2016 04:41:43 +0200

> I don't believe that there are magazines
> devoted solely to repairing bicycles but
> googling on "how to repair bicycles" gets
> some 2 million hits.

Yeah, the Internet is great to find specific
information, it is less so for low-intense
learning with is also more pleasant because it
is more relaxed. The "hunt" is over when you
get the magazine (or the book), after that it
is instead interesting to see, what information
is there - also, it is good for terminology and
to experience being part of a culture.

Just like people who do boxing or karate read
The Ring and Black Belt, or a "moderate"
outdoorsman reading books on K2, this might not
directly translate to new skills but if nothing
else it will fuel their enthusiasm for what
they themselves are doing...

I have one book in Swedish and one in Dutch.
I don't speak Dutch but there are tons of
illustrations so it is still useful.

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