karate and crashes

Sat, 11 Jun 2016 00:07:53 +0200

> I have been in some pretty horrendous crashes
> on the track on motorcycles and lots of
> crashes on bikes. It helps having bones MUCH
> heavier than normal people. I have never
> broken any bones.

When I did karate (kyokushinkai, the most
violent brand) everyone was always injured all
the time. "No worries, when it heals, it'll be
stronger", people said.

I had a fracture in my right wrist which had to
be put in plaster, and several fractures to my

I thought it was a strange culture then with
young guys everyone being injured one way or
the other. But there is no denying the black
belts were hard as rock and to punch them in
the chest was like hitting a brick wall.

Save for the most violent crashes which no
human will ever survive, I'd say such people
and myself to some degree will have an
advantage in a crash.

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