fender stay clamps

Thu, 14 Jul 2016 16:14:21 +0200

> Not sure what he's doing to the fenders with
> that. I have several bikes with fenders and
> have never had any bolts for the fender
> clamps break.

On standard bikes - e.g.,


- the fender stays go on the inside of the
fender where they make an upward open loop.
There is a corresponding hole in the fender (or
one can drill one, stringing the fender to
a mallet which is put in a vise) - in that
hole and thru the loop there is most often an
M6 (or M5) on the outside with a lock nut on
the inside, sometimes with washers in different
arrangements in between.

This is very sturdy and straightening out the
fender stays with hand power is very easy.

However on other bikes - for example the Czech


    (not my bike by the way)

- on these bikes the stays go on the outside of
the fenders, and there is a special bolt to
hold them. Sometimes it is in metal and
sometimes metal with a plastic detail on top.

Both are very fragile and if they ain't broke
when you get the bike, often it is enough for
you to straighten the stay for them to break!

Such bolts are nothing I have lying around
which is why a canonical way to fix it would be
good to have...

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