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Carolina Wählby
PhD, Professor in Quantitative Microscopy
Dept. Information Technology
Uppsala University
Director of the SciLifeLab BioImage Informatics Facility
office: +46-18-471 3473
cell: +46-72 7017151
email: carolina.wahlby at it.uu.se
Presentation (from 2015)

Ida-Maria Sintorn
PhD, Associate Professor (Docent), Senior Lecturer in digital image processing with specialization in electron microscopy
office: +46-18-471 3461
cell: +46-76-109 0195
email: ida.sintorn at it.uu.se

Petter Ranefall
PhD, Associate Professor (Docent) with focus on research support on image analysis
at the SciLifeLab BioImage Informatics Facility
office: +46-18-471 3468
email: petter.ranefall at it.uu.se

Anna Klemm
PhD with focus on research support on image analysis
at the SciLifeLab BioImage Informatics Facility
office: +46-18-471 2868
email: anna.klemm at it.uu.se

Damian Matuszewski
PhD student
email: damian.matuszewski at it.uu.se

Amit Suveer
PhD student
email: amit.suveer at it.uu.se

Amin Allalou
Senior Researcher
email: amin.allalou at it.uu.se

Gabriella Edfeldt
PhD student
at the Dept of Medicine at Karolinska Institutet, co-supervised with Annelie Tjernlund (main supervisor)
email: gabriella.edfeldt at ki.se

Anindya Gupta
email: anindya.gupta at it.uu.se

Gabriele Partel
PhD student
email: gabriele.partel at it.uu.se

Leslie Solorzano
PhD student
email: leslie.solorzano at it.uu.se

Håkan Wieslander
PhD student
email: hakan.wieslander at it.uu.se

Philip Harrison
PhD student
at the Dept of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, co-supervised with Ola Spjuth (main supervisor)
email: philip.harrison at farmbio.uu.se

Nicolas Pielawski
PhD student
email: nicolas.pielawski at it.uu.se

Xiaoyan Qian
PhD student at the Dept of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stockholm University, co-supervised with Mats Nilsson (main supervisor)
email: xiaoyan.qian at scilifelab.se

Hanqing Zhang
email: hanqing.zhang at it.uu.se

Ankit Gupta
PhD student
email: ankit.gupta at it.uu.se

Axel Andersson
PhD student
email: axel.andersson at it.uu.se

Michele Simonetti
PhD student
at the Dept of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics at Karolinska Institutet, co-supervised with Nicola Crosetto (main supervisor)
email: michele.simonetti at scilifelab.se

Kimmo Kartasalo
Guest PhD student
from the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Tampere University of Technology
email: Kimmo.Kartasalo at staff.uta.fi


Giorgia Milli
Visiting MSc student and research collaborator Nov 2017-Dec 2018 from Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

Heung-Kook Choi
Visiting professor Feb 2017-Feb 2018, from Dept. of Computer Engineering, Inje University, GimHae, Rep. of Korea

Maxime Bombrun
Postdoc Jan 2016-Jan 2018. Now Data Scientist at Scion, New Zealand, and can be reached at maxime.bombrun at gmail.com

Sajith Kecheril Sadanandan
Presented his PhD thesis "Deep Neural Networks and Image Analysis for Quantitative Microscopy" on Nov 10, 2017. main supervisor: Carolina Wählby. Dr. Sadanandan is now Algorithm Dev. Engineer at Q-linea, Sweden, and can be reached at sajith.sadanandan at qlinea.com.

Marco Mignardi
PostDoc September 2016-September 2017. Now researcher at the Chan Zuckerberg BioHub, San Fransisco, US.

André Liebscher
PostDoc March-December 2016. Now research scientist at the Technische Universität Kaiserlautern.

Omer Ishaq Presented his PhD thesis "Image Analysis and Deep Learning for Applications in Microscopy" on June 9, 2016. main supervisor: Carolina Wählby, co-supervisor Vladimir Curic. Dr. Ishaq is now Associate Professor (tenure track) at Air University in Pakistan, and can be reached at omer.ishaq at mail.au.edu.pk.

Jonatan Wählby, PRAO student , March 2016, from Eriksbergsskolan, Uppsala, Sweden.

Sabrina Rossberger, visiting PostDoc, September 2015. Currently PostDoc at Max-Planck-Institute for Intelligent Systems Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Nanna Zhou Hagström, Project student, January 2015. Currently completing her Master in Theoretical Physics, UPMC, Univ. Paris VI, France.

Nguyen-Anh-Thu (Thu) Tran, Bachelor thesis student, presented her thesis 'An interactive interface for multiple-resolution analysis of large images' in June 2014. Currently research assistant/software developer at Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Kellen Dye, temporary research student, presented his report on 'Per pixel sequencing' in July 2014.

Andreas Kårsnäs Presented his PhD thesis "Image Analysis Methods and Tools for Digital Histopathology Applications Relevant to Breast Cancer Diagnosis" on 11/4, 2014. main supervisor: Robin Stand, co-supervisors: Carolina Wählby and Ewert Bengtsson
Currently at Microsoft, Lund.

Alexandra Pacureanu PhD, completed her PostDoc stay with us on January 31, 2014
supervisor: Carolina Wählby
Currently Post-Doctoral Scientist, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, X-ray Imaging Group, Nano-Imaging Beamline, Grenoble, France.

Ali Korshidi
Presented his PhD thesis "Live Single Cell Imaging and Analysis Using Microfluidic Devices" on October 18, 2013
at the Department of Nano-biotechnology Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Main supervisor: Helene Andersson-Svahn, co-supervisors: Håkan Jönsson and Carolina Wählby

Martin Simonsson
PhD, completed his Researcher/PostDoc stay with us on October 1, 2013
supervisor: Carolina Wählby
Currently PostDoc at the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering, Luleå University of Technology

Issac Niwas Swamidoss, visiting PhD student, spring 2012. Currently at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

Amin Allalou
Presented his PhD thesis "Methods for 2D and 3D Quantitative Microscopy of Biological Samples" on 11/11, 2011.
main supervisor: Carolina Wählby, co-supervisors: Ewert Bengtsson and Ida-Maria Sintorn. Currently Post doctoral fellow at the Yanik Lab, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Milan Gavrilovic
Presented his PhD thesis "Spectral Image Processing with Applications in Biotechnology and Pathology" on 2/12, 2011.
main supervisor: Carolina Wählby, co-supervisors: Ewert Bengtsson and Ingrid Carlbom

Amalka J. Pinidiyaarachchi
Presented her PhD thesis "Digital Image Analysis of Cells" on 27/2, 2009.
main supervisor: Carolina Wählby, co-supervisor: Ewert Bengtsson. Currently Senior Lecturer, Department of Statistics and Computer Science, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Magnus Gedda
Presented his PhD thesis "Contributions to 3D Image Analysis using Discrete Methods and Fuzzy Techniques: With Focus on Images from Cryo-Electron Tomography" 20/5, 2010.
main supervisor: Ewert Bengtsson, co-supervisors: Carolina Wählby and Stina Svensson

Patrick Karlsson Edlund
Presented his PhD thesis "Methods and models for 2D and 3D image analysis in microscopy, in particular for the study of muscle cells" on 19/9, 2008.
main supervisor: Ewert Bengtsson, co-supervisors: Carolina Wählby and Joakim Lindbled