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Welcome to the Uppsala University CryptoParty!

We offer a learning space for all to introduce ourselves to the basic tools for self-protection in the digital space. Topics include anonymous browsing, encrypted communication, disk encryption, and general security advice regarding computers and smartphones.

We hold monthly meetings at the Uppsala University Ångström Library. Our events are open to everyone. If you need help entering the premises please contact the organizers.

We follow the guidelines of CryptoParties, but depending on interest also deviate into other security related topics, e.g. CTFs. Some of our participants have a background in IT, but this is not a requirement. Our main goal is to create a self-organized learning space where participants can share knowledge about digital privacy, anonymity and security for all levels of prior knowledge. If there is something you do not understand feel free to interrupt and ask us. There are no stupid questions, we are happy to explain!

Note that we do not recommend any proprietary software, but we also want to support people that can not freely choose the software they use, for example on their work computers, so we might refer to non-free tools.

You can subscribe to our mailing list[1] to receive news about our events. We also have a chat on freenode. Use an IRC client or a webchat to join channel #cryptoparty-uppsala.


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[1] The mailing list is hosted by Uppsala University. If you subscribe, they will process and store your mail address as long as needed to provide the mailing list service to you. You can unsubscribe at any time. CryptoParty Uppsala will not give your mail address to others.

[proprietary] Note that this software is proprietary.